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Our Top 8 shoe shine kit box

Bestseller No. 1
Ralyn Professional 11 Piece Shoe Care Kit - Shoe Shine Box & Shoe Care Valet for Shoe Shining, Cleaning & Polishing - All-In-One Shoe Shine Kit As A Leather Color Restorer
  • Complete Shoe Shine Kit: The shoe care valet is equipped with all the essential tools necessary for polishing and cleaning leather shoes as a starter kit. Leaves shoes feeling brand new with our shoe shine box that brings life back to your footwear. The shoe shine kit high-quality valet kit also comes with a footrest and accommodates both smooth and suede leather use.
  • A Variation of Brushes: A range of shoe shine brushes are included in the shoe shinekit, incorporating 2 shoe shine brushes, 2 daubers, and 1 suede nylon brush. The variety of brushes has been meticulously put together and are made with genuine horsehair to keep leather shoes clean and polished for sturdiness and excellent results.
  • Shoe Shine Cloths: The shoe buffing cloths in the shoe shine box provide a lint-free polishing and shining process that leaves mirror-like results, perfect for polishing shoes and delicate leather with the shoe shine cloth.
  • Black & Brown Polish: The shoe care valet comes with highly pigmented black and brown polish to fill in scuffs and restore and condition leather. The leather color restorer transforms faded, scratched, and worn leathers into a fresh and new-like appearance. The shoe shine valet kit protects and seals worn leather and gives it a luxurious finish.
  • Portable Shoe horn: The shoe shine box comes with a portable plastic shoe horn that aids in slipping shoes on and off with ease. The shoe horn plastic is perfect for individuals with limited dexterity or one-hand use. The ergonomically designed handle makes it comfortable to put on shoes while sitting or standing.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Diamond Resources 8196-Mahogany Hand-Crafted Shoe Shine Kit, Brown
  • This wooden shoe shine box replaces the local shoe shine parlors that are sadly becoming extinct
  • Constructed of 100% Mahogany wood, stainless steel hinges and light stained finish
  • The contoured foot rest is smartly designed to keep shoe in place
  • Kit includes two horsehair brushes, black and brown polish and shine cloth
  • Box measures 6.5 Inch x 11 Inch x 12.5 Inch
Bestseller No. 3
FootMatters Professional Shoe Shine Valet Kit - Includes Hardwood Boot & Shoe Care Box, Horsehair Brush, Mink Oil, Waterproof, Polish, Leather Lotion
  • (1) Hardwood Shoe Shine Box (10.8 x 7.5 x 5.24 inches)
  • (1) Wooden Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush and (1) Jobsite Boot Polish Cream Black 3 oz
  • (1) JobSite Mink Oil 3 oz and (1) JobSite Leather Lotion 8 oz
  • (1) JobSite Snow Shield Beeswax Waterproof Paste 6 oz and (2) Large Shoe Shine Cloths
  • TRUSTED BRAND: 100% Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee. Ideal for leather, vinyl and canvas shoes, boots, jackets, belts, bags, purses and briefcases - CAUTION: May Darken Light or Soft Leathers. Do not use on Suede or Nubuck
Bestseller No. 4
HANGERWORLD Natural Cedar Wood Shoe Shine Box with Foot Rest
  • PREMIUM PRODUCT: Solid quality cedar box for storing shoe care & accessories for a shoe polish kit (not included)
  • SHOE REST: For easy polishing and buffing and to prevent polish marks on surfaces. The shoe rest is attached to the removable lid.
  • AMERICAN CEDAR: Made from top quality cedar wood this shoe cleaning kit box has the fresh natural aroma of an evergreen forest
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Luxurious shoe shine kit makes a great gift for someone who loves their shoes and boots. Natural wood gives the box a antique vintage valet style
  • SIZE: Length 10 inches x Width 7 inches x Height 7.9 inches (including foot rest) approx. Build your own boot care kit starting with this box
Bestseller No. 5
FootFitter Classic Professional Grand Cedar Shoe Shine Valet Box Set, Premium Quality Shoe Care Tools for Leather Footwear
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Our Premium Professional Shoe Shine Care Valet Box Set includes the following: (2) Horsehair Shine brushes (1 black, 1 grey-brown), (2) Horsehair Shine Daubers (1 black, 1 grey-brown), (1) 7in Stainless Steel Shoe Horn, (2) Ultrasoft Microfiber Cleaning/Conditioning Shoe Shine Cloth and (4) FootFitter Shoe Creams (Black, Brown, Neutral and White) all packed in our FootFitter Grand Cedar Shoe Shine Valet.
  • HORSEHAIR BRUSHES: Our Ultimate Brush Set includes (2) 7.25”x2” Horsehair Shine Brushes and (2) 6”x1.5” Horsehair Shine Daubers, both made in Germany. Both brushes are made from polished hardwood with genuine horsehair. The Shine brush was made to remove dust & debris before polishing and can be used to buff away excess polish. The daubers are used to evenly apply shoe creams/polishes to your footwear. Using circular motion is best for streak-free shine.
  • SHOE CREAMS: Provided in the Professional Valet Set, there are (4) FootFitter Shoe Creams (Black, Brown, Neutral and White). These are highly pigmented for color restoration and can fill scuffs and scratches while conditioning your materials. When applied, shoe cream usage was tended to protect your footwear by providing a waterproof barrier giving longer life to your footwear.
  • ACCESSORIES: To wrap it up, we’ve included (1) 7 inch Stainless Steel Shoe Horn and (2) Ultrasoft Microfiber Cleaning/Conditioning Shoe Shine Cloth. The durable and strong steel shoehorn is a go to item for any shoe kit. Don’t smash your foot into your shoe, use the shoehorn and glide into it. To buff out and condition your shoes, we’ve got you covered with our Ultrasoft Shoe Shine Cloth. Made from high pile microfiber, its ideal for applying soft creams and waxes.
  • GRAND CEDAR SHOE SHINE VALET: To hold all of these premium tools, we’ve provide our aromatic Grand Cedar Shoe Shine Valet. It features metal capped corners and metal clasp keeping the classic look and rigidity. Attached on top, it features a detachable shoe rest for you to work on your shoes. The Grand Cedar Valet was constructed for both shining and storing all your tools neatly. It measures at 8.375"W x 10.5"D x 9.25"H
Bestseller No. 6
Stone & Clark 12PC Shoe Polish & Care Kit, Leather Shoe Shine Kit with Brown Wax, Shoe Brushes for Polishing, Compact Shoe Cleaning Kit with Horse Hair Brushes & PU
  • PREMIUM SHOE SHINE SET — Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your shoes. Preserve and protect your expensive leather footwear with this shoe polish kit.
  • STYLE ESSENTIALS — Use this care kit for leather shoes to polish scuffs, condition deep scratches and cracks, and buff your shoes to an elegant glossy finish.
  • ON-THE-GO-CARE — Enclosed in a sturdy PU leather case, this classic shoe shine kit is lightweight, compact and portable. Perfect for military, business and personal travels
  • COMPLETE POLISHING KIT — This shoe shine kit includes two wooden brushes with horse hair, neutral, black and brown wax polishes, a buffing cloth, a shoe horn, and shine sponges.
  • GIFT SOLUTION — Looking for a unique gift? Nothing says it like shiny shoes! Gift this professional shoe shine kit for father’s day, birthdays, holidays or even as a groomsmen gift. Or, just treat yourself.
Bestseller No. 7
FootFitter Cedar Shoe Shine Valet - Storage Box for all your Shoe Care Supplies! USA Grown Cedar
  • CEDAR SHOE SHINE VALET: To hold all of your premium shoe accessories, we’ve provide our Aromatic Cedar Shoe Shine Valet. Constructed from durable and aromatic cedar wood, it features a built-in footstep on top for convenient shoe polishing. To store your accessories or tools, the top slides off for easy accessibility and can fit a good number of brushes, creams, or polishes. It measures at 7.75"W x 10.875"D x 9.125"H.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Our Valet Box is crafted using aromatic Cedar Wood. The Valet itself features Dovetail joints showing the craftsmanship of our valet box along with an optimal tensile strength of the construction. Look at this compared to others in the market, and you will see the difference in construction and quality when compared. The valet box features a slide lid with a detachable shoe rest for use when polishing your footwear.
  • DETAILS: If you're looking to elevate your shoe shining experience, look no further than the FootFitter Cedar Shoe Shine Valet. This valet is made from only premium cedar wood to last shine after shine. The spacious inside of the box has room to fit brushes, polishes, and cloths. Its reasonable overall size won't take up too much storage space when not in use. Because the valet is made from cedarwood, it may leave brushes and shoes with a fresh woodsy scent.
  • USAGE: The Valet Box is a perfect space for storing all your shoe care tools and accessories. Measuring at (with footrest): 7.75"W x 10.875"D x 9.125 this is a great storage space option. We offer sets that use our Cedar Valet sets, but you’re able to build your own set with our Valet box as your own storage box for your own sets. The shoe rest is perfect for any of your polishing or applying creams on your shoes.
  • HINTS & TIPS: Remember, before you start polishing or applying creams onto your footwear, please make sure that it is clean of dirt and debris. Since the valet is made from Cedar Wood, you will notice that your brushes may have a fresh woodsy scent when in use. The valet itself can store plenty of your shoe care tools and accessories. The slide top does provide easy accessibility to your tools.
Bestseller No. 8
FootMatters Shoe Shine Valet Box - Hardwood Boot & Shoe Care - Polish Kit
  • Polish Kit Comes with: (1) Hardwood Shoe Shine Box (10.8 x 7.5 x 5.24 inches)
  • (2) Wooden Shoe Shine Brushes and (2) Large Shoe Shine Cloths
  • (2) Applicator Brushes and Cloths
  • (1) Jobsite Boot Polish Cream Black and (1) Polish Cream Brown
  • CAUTION: May Darken Light or Soft Leathers. Do not use on Suede or Nubuck. TRUSTED BRAND: 100% Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee. Ideal for leather shoes, boots, jackets, belts, bags, and purses

Things To Remember Before Buying shoe shine kit box

Right now, the world of product development is faster than ever. Every other day you will find new, better, more functional products that have come to the market. In this fast-paced product market, how will you make the right purchase? Price of the product, brand, material, warranty, the longevity of the product, functionality, shipping cost, and so much more factors to consider before you make your purchase. You have to check each and every crucial factor and see if they are to your liking and within your buying criteria or not. Don’t forget to check the pros and cons, which is very important too. Taking your time and reading through customer reviews are always encouraging as it gives actual user experience and review. If you are looking for shoe shine kit box then your weary ends here, please follow this buying guide, and it will guide you to the right product

Price of the product:

The cost of the product is a very important factor.You don’t want to overpay for a product nor do you want to buy a low-quality product with less price. Most probably, you will see that a cheap product has low quality and comes from a not so popular brand. As a result, the product won’t be able to give you the outcome you were expecting. It will leave you unsatisfied.
But if you check the quality of the product before purchasing, you will notice a quality product with a good brand usually cost a bit more than usual. That is because the product will satisfy customers’ needs and provide the best outcome. The quality of the manufacturing process and the quality of the material used to make the product also have an influence on the price. So make sure it is a decent quality product, and the price is within your reach. Don’t go spending your monthly budget on a single product.

The quality of the product:

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Customer ratings:

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Features are what extra functionality a product brings to the table that other products don’t have. A product may have a lot of functionality, but for you, those features may be useless. So make sure to check each and every functionality and which ones you need. Another factor is that if a product has more functionality, it will most probably cost a bit more. So keep that in mind.

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The warranty:

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For some areas, shipping may cost a lot. It depends on which area you live in. If you live close to the main shipping area, you may get free shipping. If you live far away from the main shipping area, then the shipping cost will be a lot. If you don’t want a shock, then we suggest you check the shipping cost for your area before you make a purchase. There are counties and areas where a certain company doesn’t even ship their product, so make sure to check that too.

Check out product availability:

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 We hope this buying guide will help you to make the right decision. It is quite easy to get swayed by dazzling advertisements and make the wrong purchase.
But if you follow the proper steps thoroughly, you won’t be duped. If you are looking for shoe shine kit box then this guide will help you to make the right choice.